The Challenge

Many people have asked how I came up with such an insane challenge for myself, the answer is rather simple; I looked at a world map and my imagination did the rest!

The Ultimate Triathlon is a swim, bike, run covering 2000 kilometres in just 12 days, moving between continents, and through a few countries.


The distance is the equivalent of swimming 400 laps of a 50 metre pool; it’s just I’ll be swimming across one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, while battling dangerously strong currents, high winds, cold water, sickness and cramps while in The Gibraltar Straight.

After swimming from Africa to Europe, it will be time to cycle the distance of the entire length of Britain (1300 kilometres), in just 4 ½ days.


I’ll follow The Costa del Sol, before passing through the iconic cities of Valencia and Barcelona while on my way to the French & Spanish border edging the Pyrenees.

I will then quite literally put one foot in front of the other as I run 14 marathons in only seven days; yep a double marathon every day for a week along the South of France before I reach my final destination of Monaco, just 12 days later…


As I propel myself between two continents, over three countries, and a principality while hugging the picturesque Mediterranean coastline, my experience will be shown, and interactive via social media.
While I swim, bike and run on this gruelling journey my movements, emotions, and struggles will be shown.

The Adventure. The Travel. The Challenge.